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February 17, 2015 · 6:31 PM

by Dr. Mike Lloyd, CTO RedSeal

I recently recorded an interview with KCBS, on Obama’s announcement of the Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center.  I do believe this is good news, but I confess, I worry about the way all these proposals indicate how data will go in to the government, with very little said about how anything will ever come out.  In the scope of a 5 minute live interview, there wasn’t a lot of time for that kind of subtlety!


February 13, 2015 · 3:14 PM

by Ray Rothrock, CEO RedSeal

Just participated in The White House Summit on Cybersecurity at Stanford.  The President and all the participants focused on the fact that cyber is the threat of the 21st century, that government alone can't protect us, and that no company has the resources to completely protect themselves.  Recent history confirms this.  Thus to collaborate, to share, and to work together is our real only solution.  There was plenty of head nods to the Constitution and privacy.  Tony Earley, CEO of PG&E, said that we need to work together like we did on the Manhattan Project.  Now that is big thinking, and a big call to action.  I couldn't agree more.



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