RedSeal certifies current network security, accelerates network compliance and hardens your next-generation network

Network breaches aren’t new, they’ve occurred for years -- for sport, for profit, for ideology. But what has changed is businesses’ reliance on their networks, the visibility and sophistication of breaches, and the level of management accountability. More is at stake. Corporate boards have taken notice. And billions have been invested in hundreds of network security products.

But even with all you’ve invested in network security products – do you really know if they are working together to deliver the level of security you expect?  This is where RedSeal comes in. RedSeal’s cybersecurity analytics platform is purpose built for the largest and most complex networks, to certify that your evolving network is secure.

Even as your business requires you to make changes, RedSeal gives you the complete picture of how secure and resilient your network actually is. Further, RedSeal lets you make the best use of your limited resources by identifying the most important things you can do to make your network more secure – every hour of every day.

RedSeal accelerates your regulatory compliance initiatives, quickly providing the information you need. And, as your business requirements evolve, RedSeal helps you build a hardened, next-generation network. By modeling, testing and assessing the highest-risk attack paths before you even build it, RedSeal helps you deliver a dramatically more secure network -- with lower maintenance and incident response costs.

See the RedSeal Platform Overview.

To see the magnitude of network complexity and how just one line in a configuration file can affect your risk and exposure,  check out our network device exposure calculator here.