The RedSeal difference

RedSeal gets ahead of cyber criminals by calculating every possible internal and external “attack path” to your most valuable digital assets – before they do. We give you a prioritized list of the most vulnerable paths to your most valuable digital assets.

Network complexity leads to increased risk

The root cause of these vulnerable attack paths is that networks have grown so large and complicated they’ve outpaced our human ability to manage every aspect of them. Your network can be exploited when:

  • The reality of your network is different than you thought.
  • There are errors in device configuration files.
  • Devices and servers aren’t running up-to-date software.
  • Authorized changes create unintended consequences.
  • You have devices that aren’t managed at all because you don’t know about them.


To see the magnitude of network complexity and how just one line in a configuration file can affect your risk and exposure,  check out our Network Device Exposure Calculator here.

RedSeal advantages

Enhances your existing security investments. We make sense of the overwhelming number of instructions that define how your network operates.

  • Gives you a prioritized list of the most vulnerable paths to your most valuable digital assets.
  • Helps discover previously-unknown devices so you get a complete picture of your network.
  • Identifies gaps in your network relative to industry best practices.
  • Supports your compliance efforts - including PCI, FISMA, and NERC -- by automatically collecting and analyzing needed data, then generating compliance reports.
  • Fits right into your IT workflow, generating tickets for ServiceNow and Remedy.

RedSeal at work

RedSeal is designed to work with thousands of devices on complex networks. More than 200 organizations have RedSealed their networks. Don’t wait to RedSeal yours.